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We welcome visitors to our hall from all backgrounds and walks to life to learn about the Word of God and share in our hope of God’s coming Kingdom.

The Christadelphians are a self governing community and each ecclesia conducts its own affairs through regular business meetings. We are self financing and whilst we offer a collection bag around our Breaking of Bread service, we do not require visitors to contribute. All members who participate in our services do so on a voluntary basis and give their time freely. As well as our hosted services, the brotherhood at large hold various ‘Fraternal Gatherings’ and ‘Study Days’ attended by members of other ecclesias. These help to keep ecclesias in touch with each other. Visitors are welcome to attend.


Breaking of Bread – We remember the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ every Sunday at 11 am. We break bread and drink wine just as Jesus told his disciples to do at the Last Supper (Luke 22:19-20). Although you are invited to our meetings, the bread and wine are reserved for baptized members of the Christadelphian community.

Bible Hour – We hold a Bible Hour at 6 pm every Sunday. We have speakers from within our Ecclesia or surrounding Ecclesias that teach only from the Holy Bible. We are blessed to have visitors to our Bible Hour frequently and always welcome more.

VIEW UPCOMING LECTURE TITLES Sunday School – We hold a small Sunday School for children ranging from age 4 to mid-teens every Sunday morning (9.30-10.30 am). Our youngsters are taught according to a curriculum that includes the whole Bible. Every December they put on a play based on the Bible stories that they’ve been learning throughout the year. Sunday School is currently held on Zoom only, please contact us for details.


Bible Class – We meet every Wednesday at 8 pm to listen to talks about the Bible, and to gain a deeper understanding of Bible Truths. We have talks from our own members, or visiting speakers from within our community. Our speakers share the results of study on a topic that particularly interests them or, alternatively, take part in a series of three to four talks spread over of series of weeks. Our talk series include character studies, verse by verse studies of biblical texts, Christian living in the light of biblical teaching, prophecy and its relation to current world affairs and more. None of our speakers are professional theologians but ordinary working men, preaching in their spare time. We study aspects of the Holy Scriptures to a deeper level than on a Sunday evening.

Other Events

Any other upcoming events will be announced here so keep an eye on this page.

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