Who Are Acocks Green Christadelphians?

We are a friendly group of Bible students, who all share a common love for God, and a hope in the fulfilment of His plan.

Apart from these similarities we are all very different. We are made up from a wide variety of ages – workers, retired and still at school. We enjoy sharing time together, as Brethren and Sisters in Christ.

We meet up every week to remember the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, studying God’s Word, the Bible, preaching and sharing our love for God’s Truth with interested friends.

We call our church an ‘ecclesia’, a Greek work meaning ‘assembly of believers’ or a ‘congregation’.

Our History

Acocks Green Christadelphians have been established in the area since 1890, founded by George Ravenscroft (left) and a number of other brethren. The present hall in Station Road opened in September 1906 and has been a continuous lightstand to Christadelphians in the area ever since. Our Ecclesia is one of the oldest in Birmingham being an offshoot from the Birmingham (Central) Ecclesia, which was held in the old Temperance Hall. in the past, our numbers have reached up to 120, making us among the largest of Christadelphian ecclesias in the country. Many of our members are residents of Olivet Christadelphian Care Home which is located within a short walking distance. The photograph below depicts an ecclesial outing in 1928.